Rum Santaren Vintage 1911 Heaven

Blend of doubly aged rums in Pedro Ximénez barrels

35% alcoholic graduation

Production area:

Dominican rep

English Guiana


70 Cl glass bottle

Presentation in cylindrical case.


23 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm

1.40 kg

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Born from the passion for the extraordinary, each Santaren Vintage 1911 Heaven is unique and original, a perfect assembly with a vibrant personality. Carefully designed to make it elegant. Made from a careful selection of the best rums sought for their aromas and properties. Doubly aged in old Pedro Ximénez boots until its optimal moment, which determines the blender master and which configures its sensory profile, it is bottled directly from the barrel in order to preserve the full expression of its organoleptic properties. Finally, our Vintage is rounded in bottles before its release to the public and only a small number of bottles goes to the market and selected points of sale. Incredibly delicious with notes of toasted oak, delicate vanilla, sweet caramel. Vibrant finish, fullness and elegance.

The Pedro Ximémez grape 

It is the white queen variety of the Denomination of Origin of Montilla-Moriles. Originally the Rhin region, it is said that it was brought to Andalusia by a soldier from the thirds ofFlanders who gives it a name. The Pedro Ximénez wine is a sweet and soft wine, it is obtained through the sunny grape, the clusters are spread in a braided esparto where the grains are slowly passed. Once the raisins are pressed, a dense must will be obtained, a real raisin juice that will rest in the jars where the fermentation will take place under the flower veil. Part of the magic of Santaren Vintage 1911 Heaven is due to its double aging in old Pedro Ximénez boots. This last phase of aging in the boots, gives it a mahogany color with delicate notes of raisins, figs and vanilla.



Elegant mahogany color with iodized reflections.


The first nose, opens in soft caramel and ripe figs. The delicate woodland offers a subtle balance between floral freshness and hot notes of soaked fruits.


Complex on the palate, sweet on the palate with hints of black fruit, vanilla, memories of licorice and roasted coffee.


Long and enveloping finish, toasted wood background that expresses its old age, sweet and velvety.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 23 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm